• We are a very specialised company. Specialising has enabled SITES-AFLA to invest all efforts and all skills on this one profession. With SITES-AFLA, customers benefit from experts in global monitoring of structures.
  • We are driven by a deep commitment to science, innovation and technology. This commitment has enabled us to devise very technologically advanced solutions over the years. Following this, we master and offer best methods and technologies, guarantee objectivity by basing recommendations on scientific data through a scientific process. With SITES-AFLA, customer’s questions are answered with the most up to date solutions.
  • The company is independent from design, construction and repairs companies. This guarantees impartiality. With SITES-AFLA, customers are guaranteed of the true benefits of a third party.
  • Our services and products are applied in many markets, because of this, innovative solutions deriving from some markets unique requirements, benefits the other markets. With SITES-AFLA, customers benefit from the experience of others.
  • Our capabilities, history, prestigious customers and financial health minimizes risks for customers. With SITES-AFLA, customers are guaranteed the utmost professional services and products.
  • Our culture is “on-site culture”, as close to the customers as possible; With SITES-AFLA, customers are sure that the recommendations are done by technical staff with intimate knowledge of sites under study.
  • Our solutions are always founded on experience and unique databases, and implemented in the frame of a continuously improved Quality Assurance System. With SITES-AFLA, each contract feeds the experience for the next one, for 30 years.
  • Our offer is global and valid throughout the lifespan of a structure. With SITES-AFLA, customers will get services from a partner; we value the partnership we make with our customers.