SITES-AFLA makes use of a series of innovative tools and proven methods to complete visual inspections of structural assets to localize and categorize visual defects, track the evolution of defects over time, analysis the defects to determine the root cause and rank the defects to prioritize defect repair.

We offer expert services in;

  • Remote inspections (SCANSITES system, SCANSITES 3D; CCTV inspections, Drone inspections, Virtual Plant Navigation).
  • Close inspections – (VERAO System).
  • Inspections database development.
  • Coating inspections.
  • Corrosion.
  • Pre-insurance investigations.
  • Post-accident structural investigations.
  • Post-earthquake structural investigations.

We combine visual inspection and structural analysis to determine defect root cause and evaluate the overall condition of the structural asset. We have completed defect databases in several industries to quantify and priorities defects to compile effective dynamic preventative and corrective maintenance plans that are periodically updated as the operational condition of the structural asset are modified.

Project references can be made available on request