SITES-AFLA excels in structural monitoring through static and dynamic instrumentation and automated monitoring systems to continuous evaluated structural assets.

The SITES Group has invested heavily into research and development to develop World Class structural monitoring systems. SITES-AFLA designs tailor made monitoring solutions to ensure the monitoring system is a “perfect fit” for the required analysis.

We offer expert services in;

  • Design of monitoring solutions for infrastructure.
  • Supply, set-up, maintenance, repairs and renewal of monitoring sensors.
  • Static, dynamic and seismic monitoring systems.
  • Optical fiber sensors and monitoring systems.
  • Electronic sensors and automated monitoring systems.
  • Dedicated human-machine interface Web portal (SIMon-e®)

The SITES Group has produced a their own instrumentation and monitoring systems. Global deployment of many their own systems into industry ensure that the systems are proven reliable. We offer monitoring expertise and through improving technologies, we can guarantee that the structure’s owner and the structural asset are in continuous communication.

Project references can be made available on request