Mr Raymond Chiimba


Mr. Chiimba is a highly regarded entrepreneur and trusted advisor. He founded the Africawide Group of Companies and expanded the group from a management consulting firm, to include BPO (business process outsourcing), Technology, Engineering, Property and Fin-tech subsidiaries.

Raymond has been appointed as a member of the Financial Services Working Group of the BRICS Business Council in February 2018.

Raymond’s professional focus has been in serving the public sector, while his private passion is building businesses and systems.

Mr Martin Ackermann

CEO (Acting)

Mr. Ackermann is a Professional Advisor and Entrepreneur. After consulting with McKinsey & Company for five years in mining and energy, he cut his investment and management teeth on several entrepreneurial endeavours in Cleantech, light manufacturing and IT. He holds a BSc, BCom, MBA (Cum laude).

Martin served as the Company Secretary of Sites-Afla since the start of 2020. In November he was seconded to fill the position of CEO (acting) to help the company transition from being a Founder managed business. Martin is an adventurous, analytical, devoted husband and father of three





Mr. Hervé LANÇON (President SITES Sas)

Following his graduation in engineering at the French Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Industries de Strasbourg (ENSAIS) in 1985, Hervé Lançon was involved in the construction of the Large Electron-Positron Collider at CERN in Geneva.

He joined SITES in 1988 and started working on the measurement, control, and monitoring of complex structures. Successively engaged in the creation, development, and management of groups, business units and R&D activities, he has fostered the development of several tools and solutions: 3D scans, Fissuro-logger, SiMon- e, VERAO and many others.

Expert in monitoring, auscultation of exceptional structures (monuments, built and natural structures), he possesses an in-depth knowledge and experience of instrumentation technologies and electronic, optical, optronic, and fiber-optic methods.

Since taking the head of SITES Group as President in 2015, succeeding JF Sageau, Founder President, he has been involved in numerous large-scale projects in France (Aéro refrigérants, Nuclear Buildings, Millau Viaduct, Louvre Museum, Roissy airport …) and abroad (Canada, China, Tunisia, South Africa …)

Hervé Lançon is a member of the Board of Directors of SITES Afla.

Eric Desbat_3

Mr. Eric DESBAT (Finance Manager SITES Sas)

Eric Desbat is the Finance and Administration Manager of SITES Group. Following his graduation in business law, taxation and accounting, he gained several years’ experience in consulting and auditing. Prior to joining SITES, Mr. Desbat was a Partner and Head of the Consulting department at Grant Thornton, in Lyon, France.

Eric Desbat is a member of the Board of Directors of SITES Afla.

Ms. Manamela Lebogang Mphasha

Ms. Mphasha is a mining engineer with a bachelor from the university of the Witwatersrand and is also an MBA candidate. She has 14 years of technical and operational experience in both underground (bord & pillar) and opencast operations. She has led many key initiatives and projects notably the formation of an MRDs entity (Mineral resource Deposits) ramping up production from nil to 6.4 M tons within 2 years and enabling R3.5B Capex, she was a general manager at a 5.1 Million ton pa operation, successfully led the transition & implementation project to merge two opencast operations and many more…

Ms. Mphasha also serves on the department of minerals resources examiner commission and is the owner of Lerumo mining and services.

She brings to the SITES-AFLA board her mining expertise and connections in the industry.

Mr. Julien Baron

Mr. Baron is a senior civil engineer and expert in preventative maintenance of civil structures including nuclear plants (maintenance strategy, periodical monitoring, studies and recommendation). He has worked for SITES group since 2000, initially as a structural engineering inspector and then as an office manager in different branches or departments.

 He was director of the French operations department (around 300 technicians and engineers) before joining SITES-AFLA in July 2016. Mr. Baron remains a key technical expert in any engineering activities related to maintenance of large civil engineering structures (bridges, viaducts, tunnels, dams, industries, central power generation, storage sites, infrastructure, and environment).