SITES-AFLA offers a range of engineering services throughout the life cycle of the structural asset. Our expertise ranges from compiling preventative maintenance strategies for new structural assets to perform periodical structural and operational evaluation of any fleet of civil assets.

We offer expert services in;

  • Structural Health Monitoring/Maintenance strategy design.
  • Civil Structures risk analysis and rating system development
  • On-site technical support and supervision.
  • Evaluations of existing structural assets.
  • Design of corrective maintenance solutions.
  • Verification of the structural capacity (Finite Element Modelling calculations and analysis)
  • Asset management system design and implementation.
  • Monitoring research and development.

We have completed numerous projects involving structural analysis and FEM calculations for existing structures to compare evaluations to design specifications and ensure the current structural state meets the applicable standards and government regulations. We have planned and implemented efficient preventative and corrective maintenance strategies to ensure long-term robustness and durability of the structural asset and reduce operational maintenance costs.

Project references can be made available on request